The Melt method

The MELT Method is a revolutionary system that teaches people how to tap into their connective tissue.  This resource is a renewable tissue made up of nearly 80 percent water.  The other 20 percent is mostly collagen, elastin, and other connective fibers.

Connective tissue's primary function is to support, protect, and communicate with other cells of the body, allowing us whole body connection and responsiveness. This tissue directly affects integrity of our joints, muscles, bones, and organs. When connective tissue is dehydrated our muscles are less able to integrate proper timing and our joints become compressed. Chronic pain arises and the ease of basic movement is compromised. Connective tissue dehydration happens to everyone due to age, lifestyle, and habitual patterns.

The MELT Method system of using small pressure resistive balls and foam rollers allows us to utilize techniques to identify areas in need of manipulation so as to reduce pain and return the body to an ideal state for movement.

The MELT Method techniques can be performed on individuals or in a small group format class.

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